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What The Funk

Magnus Buer Hansen, Espen Holtan, Olle Hov, Liv Renate Elnes mm.

Saturday at 21.00

What the Funk is a band consisting of experienced musicians with a broad musical background who have joined the ever-emerging cultural environment at the Kulturhuset in Halden.


The nine-musician ensemble is the de facto house band at Kulturhuset, featuring wind instruments, percussionists and several singers alongside the guitar-bass-drums-keyboards crew.


What the Funk matches the Kulturhuset's built-in spirit of cultural cooperation across borders and generations, and across national borders. With members from three nations, the band’s material consists of the very best songs from soul, funk and rock history including selections from James Brown, War, Stevie Wonder, Cream, The Temptations and Mark Ronson.


The concerts that What the Funk have played so far have simply become dance parties with audiences that have had no chance to sit still. Dance, dance, dance and dance some more!


Chosen as closing event of both the day’s Make Halden Smile, Halden International Music Film Festival – and 9-day Halden week, What the Funk has been given the important task of gathering the people for a final celebration.


Do not miss this dance experience!

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Pärs Polare

Espen Holtan, Markus Linge, Glenn Solheim, Arne Nygaard og Frank Skovrand.

Friday at 21.00

Get the ultimate Cornelis Vreeswijk experience as part of the Halden International Music Film Festival!


After the 19:00 pre-premier of Somlige går med trassige skor, join us at the Kulturhuset to experience Norway's best Vreeswijk -interpreters, Pärs Polare, on stage at Kulturhuset.


Cornelis Vreeswijk (1937-1987) always had a relationship with Halden, with a number of concert visits. Here felt at home where he played for an audience that had a great understanding of his poetry, his lifestyle and humor and his social outlook.


Swedish radio had a significantly better hold on listeners at the Norwegian-Swedish border than NRK throughout the sixties and seventies. Here, Vreeswijk's music was omnipresent, a part of the people’s social life here.


So quite naturally a tribute band to Vreeswijk arose in Halden. It is now twenty years since Pärs Polare, fronted by singer/songwriter/actor Frank Skovrand, appeared in connection with the school festival "Bomkræsjbang". Since then, the legend of Vreeswijkl has only grown stronger.


Joining Skovrand will be pianist Arne Nygård, guitarist Markus Linge, drummer Glenn Solheim and double bassist Espen Holtan.


Says bassist Espen Holtan,

“We had a rehearsal twenty years ago and learned 30 of Cornelis' songs, says bassist Holtan, - this has been the repertoire for these years. We have been improvising around this music ever since, Cornelis' lyrics and song structures are of course the basis. An essentially acoustic expression. It is largely about Frank's unrivaled ability to communicate and interpret Cornelis' songs.


Pärs Polare are members of what is called the "Cornelis Vreeswijk Sällskapet" in Stockholm, which exists under the motto “To spread knowledge about Cornelis Vreeswijk as a person, his music and poetry to future generations.” ("Att sprida kännedom om Cornelis Vreeswijk som person, hans musik och poesi till kommende generations")


Pärs Polare has been in the studio and recorded a version of "The Tourist's Complaint", which has received the thumbs up from musicians connected to the Vreeswijk family


Join us at the Kulturhuset on Friday, April 19th to cap off your ultimate Cornelis Vreeswijk day at HIMF!

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