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Artificial Intelligence

AI for the people

Kulturhuset 20 April

From 10:00 am


Bringing Artificial Intelligence (kunstig intelligens) to the People er en dag i Kulturhuset hvor du kan møte robotene ... og mye mer. For alle som er nysgjerrige på hva KI kan bety i hverdagen deres.


I samarbeid med Høgskolen i Østfold, Inspiria, Smart Innovation og AI+ ønsker vi i HIMF velkommen til en praktisk opplevelse av hva vi kan bruke KI til.


We are only at the beginning of the technological potential for AI. Going forward, we at HIMF will continue to look at the ethical, practical and legal consequences of KI. But for now, let's have fun. With AI to the people, we invite everyone to see for themselves what AI and other technologies can do on Saturday 21 April at 10.00 am.

Designed for all age groups, also for families. Join us to experience, explore and celebrate the potential of technology in a friendly and welcoming environment.


• Stands with a focus on generative artificial intelligence

• Chat with our own artificial intelligence agent!

• Interactive robot cars

• Physical exhibitions with artificial intelligence (image generation, physical production)

• MakerSpace stands (3D printing, Laser, etc)


And much more!!


AI and art

Meet the artist Leo T., whom you can meet to talk more about what AI can mean for the creative processes. Leo has exhibited his works both nationally and internationally, with exhibitions in cities such as Oslo, London and New York.

Part of Make Halden Smile, with film, music, international food,

cultural activities and a special guest appearance by a DJ and film director

Don Letts. Participation in the activities at Make Halden Smile is free or

at a reasonable price.

Bringing AI to the People - a collaboration between Østfold University College, Inspiria, AI+ and HIMF

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