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Building upon HIMF 2023 and a festival film program that featured a total of 15 films; 6 Norwegian and 9 international, HIMF 2024 promises to be even more relevant and entertaining.


Directors and Producers who presented their own films included:


  • Joe Nick Patoski (Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove)

  • Jeffrey Brown (Nothing Stays the Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub)

  • David Skaun (Exit)

  • Øyvind Pharo (R.L. Burnside)

  • Leif Brynhildsen (Høst)

  • Jørn Stenersen (Bluestown Rising)

  • Bill Gystad (Henning Kvitnes)

  • Paul Kendall (The Bird who Flew Alone)


This year, we will build upon our cooperation with the Conference on Applied AI (AI+) and Opera Østfold in identifying and securing music films that reflect a broad and creative view of the music film genre.


In addition, HIMF has begun a collaboration with the Sonisk Musikkfilmfestival Trondheim and are building upon the synergies gained from that cooperation.


Stay tuned here. The Film Programme for HIMF 2024 will be announced in the late autumn 2023.

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