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Chasing Whisky

Greg Olliver

Fredag kl. 21.00

Join us in the screening of acclaimed film that tells the story of “Jack Daniels” – the brand that has become the iconic image of “American Cool” around the world and across generations.


Chasing Whiskey is a 57,000 mile journey across 5 countries and 17 time zones that will prove equal parts thought provoking, insightful, moving and hilarious. From rural Lynchburg, TN

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to the Outback of Australia, from Beverly Hills to the streets of Havana, Cuba; from the stills in the Hollow to the stills of Scotland’s finest Scotch, from studio jams to backstage tours, this journey documents a cultural exploration into why a world of people identifies with a distinctly American brand.


Hosted by Bill Roger Gystad this closed session limited to just 40 participants where you will hear, see and taste the experience of rural Tennessee deep in the heart of America.


Take a unique glimpse into humanity, our shared values, and differing views, dreams and delusions, inspirational moments, poignant and at times hilarious.


Food and beverages will be served.

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