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Saturday 20 April from 13:00

Free for everyone.


Activities, Dance, Film and Food

In the Kulturhuset, free food samples will be served from 8–10 different nationalities from 13:00.

14:00 Rebel Dread – film screening at the Aladdin Scene tickets here. 



Make Halden Smile (MHS) aims to bring together all Haldeners, with an extra focus on integration and inclusion of people and families.


Make Halden Smile is a collaboration between HIMF, Norway Communicates, Halden Bymisjon, Frivillighetssentralen, Verdensbro, Halden Danseskole, Kulturhuset, Aladdin scene and others, and is the closing event in HIMF and Haldenuka.


The day will include film, music, international food, games, cultural activities and a special guest appearance by DJ and film director Don Letts.


Participation in most of the activities at Make Halden Smile is free, including food, "Bringing AI to the People, Don Letts' DJ gig...and more!



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Different dance activities, both structured and pop-up during the afternoon. Both youth and adults - everyone can participate (free for everyone)


16:00 Stop Making Sense at the Aladdin Scene 

In 2021, "Stop Making Sense" was selected into the "National Film Registry" by the Library of Congress for "cultural, historical and aesthetic significance". When the film was re-released in 4K in autumn 2023, the audience danced between the rows of seats in the cinemas.

The question is: Is this the best concert film of all time? Many music fans would say just that. Join us and decide for yourself! (tickets here )

Evening (18.00 – 24.00)

DJ/Dance, Food, Music

The Make Halden Smile activities in the evening will target adults. Food will still be served as long as supplies last.



19:00–20:30 DJ Don Letts (free)

Don Lett's reputation as a film director, DJ and musician comes from his project of bringing different cultures together. He was one of the founders of England's punk and reggae scenes, and was, among other things, the videographer for the Clash and other bands. The music he plays is very danceable, and for those who have joined the afternoon activities, the evening dance will continue the fun.


21:00–23:00 What the Funk

Concert at the Culture House.

What the Funk is a multicultural dance band with members from the USA, Russia and Norway. Tickets available for purchase here.

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