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Business Program

Thursday 18.04

Don't miss the opening day at HIMF. After the official opening, NOPA, the Norwegian Association for Composers and Lyricists, hosts the subject of the subject program on film music.

10.00 presents Norwegian music videos.

Ballade video is a weekly online column, which every Friday presents new Norwegian music videos. This is part of the website, where Guro Kleveland is the editor. Ballade video started in February 2019, and since then has shown close to 2,000 music videos, documentaries and concerts. All this is collected in the large archive at the website. Responsible for the video column is the experienced music writer Arvid Skancke-Knutsen.

During this year's edition of the Halden International Music Film Festival, Ballade has handpicked some of the most exciting video productions from the past year. The selection is shown on Thursday and Friday mornings, and is curated by Guro Kleveland and Arvid Skancke-Knutsen.

Breakfast and coffee can be bought in the Kulturhuset.


The festival is opened by cultural manager in Halden, Knut Olav Brekklund Sæves.


Opening lecture, music journalist Tom Skjeklesæther .


The film music program on Thursday is supported by NOPA



Masterclass on composing for film by composer and former head of the film music study at Høgskolen i Innlandet, Halldor Krogh .


Halldor Krogh, we will show several examples of what characterizes good use of music in film, and perhaps also examples of what does not work as well. Halldor is a musician, composer, arranger, music producer and former head of the film music study at Høgskolen i Innlandet.


Composer Therese Aune in conversation with the editor of Ballade, Guro Kleveland , about composing for film.


Therese Aune has created the music for several TV series, among others for the series NUDES on NRK.


Debate: Film music and AI
Participants: Chairman of NOPA, Ole Henrik Antonsen and film composer Therese Aune . Moderator: associate professor Arnt Maasø from IMK, UiO.

Many see artificial intelligence as a useful tool, also for making music, while others see it as a serious threat to anyone who makes music.


Tapas and mingling (Halden Cinema)

The films start at 17.00. See the film program here .

Friday 19.04

On Friday, we will look at the future of the documentary genre. We will also get a presentation of the national broadcasters in England, Sweden and Norway's strategies and ambitions for the music documentary area, and what responsibility they have to document their contemporary music history.

10.00 presents Norwegian music videos.

Breakfast and coffee can be bought in the Kulturhuset.


Welcome and practical information
with editor for KanDuSi Halden, Ellen Midtfjeld


The BBC's music strategy by BBC Popular Music TV commissioning and program acquisition editor Rachel Davies.


In this keynote we learn more about the BBC's strategies - and how the oldest and largest national and international public broadcaster has maintained its prominent role in British cultural life.


NRK's music ambition by section leader for the Music Centre, Ragnhild Veire.

Ragnhild Veire is also leading a new music collaboration project which will strengthen the operationalization and implementation of NRK's music ambition. She is a former journalist and music critic, and has been channel manager for NRK Klassisk and NRK


Panel debate: Do national broadcasters have a special responsibility to document the national cultural history through, among other things, music films?

Participants: Rachel Davies , Chairman of the Film Association Elisabeth Sjaastad and Ragnhild Veire.

Moderator: music journalist Tom Skjeklesæther.


Musical films have the power to move hearts, minds and fuel thought. If you also add the responsibility of documenting parts of the cultural history of a country, you can get a result that gives a greater effect than if the story was told without music.


Internationally, it is national broadcasters such as the BBC that have traditionally focused on this cultural documentation through music documentaries.


Presentation of NRK's new series, Jazzeventyret. Director Håvard Bråthen and music journalist and author Jan Omdahl in conversation with music photographer Per Ole Hagen.


Jazzeventyret has recently premiered on NRK, and has received rave reviews for its way of presenting Norwegian jazz history. Håvard Bråthen is the main director of the series, and he was also behind the series Helvete, about Norwegian black metal. Jan Omdahl has written a book about the Jan Garbarek Quartet's album Afric Pepperbird, and contributes heavily to Jazzeventyret.


Panel debate: There is something special about the music genre. It can transcend the music itself. But where do the documentarians find the balance between the use of advanced film effects and a straight forward narrative style?

Participants: Director Thomas Robsahm , Håvard Bråthen , Jan Omdahl and director Magnus Gertten .

Moderator: journalist Morten Ståle Nilsen

Where does the responsibility lie with the music film documentarian to find the right balance?

Is the story best served by a simple narrative style or by the use of creative film effects?

The responsibility is not only to the artist/story or the fans, but it is also a question of the pursuit of the truth. Done right, it can enhance the story, but it can also obscure. The dynamic interplay between authenticity and legend is the very foundation of a great story.

Over the past few years, we've seen avant-garde films like Moonage Daydream, described by Robert Ebert as: “It's an insanely ambitious film. It shouldn't work. It feels like a minor miracle that it does.” Other films such as Jon Batiste – American Symphony provide a simple documentation of a year in the life of a musician.


Tapas and mingling

The films start at 17.00. See the film program here .

After the films, there will be a concert with Pärs Polare at Kulturhuset at 21.00.

Saturday 20.04




Filmmaker Don Letts in conversation with Tom Skjeklesæther.

Don's creative background, his legacy, has been an inspiration. Don reflects on how bringing people together in a common understanding can often create something entirely new.


Make Halden Smile starts
See program

You can find the film overview here . After the films, there will be a closing party and a concert with What the Funk .

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