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Ta på meg

Hans Eirik Voktor

Friday 7 p.m.

Ta på meg - Svein Tang Wa.jpg

The ticket includes the events " Ta På Meg " and " Perler Fra Svein "

Svein Tang-Wa was the sailor who never set sail. The documentary, which is directed by Hans Eirik Voktor, tells the story of the singer, lyricist, composer and visual artist Svein Tang-Wa. He reached a large audience in the Stavanger region through the lyrics and music he wrote for the Stavangerensemble from the late 70s to the 80s.


When Svein Tang-Wa's wife Bente died in 2016, he took up visual art again to process the grief. For the rest of his life, he continued with visual arts alongside music. Tang-Wa was awarded Stavanger municipality's culture prize in 2005 and Stavanger Aftenblad's culture prize in 2009. Although his songs did not reach far beyond his hometown of Stavanger, his story is worthy of this finely created documentary.

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